Nation of Servants

Chip Tsao, a Hong Kong broadcaster, called the Philippines a "nation of servants". This resulted to varying reactions, usually angry, among the Filipinos.

There's nothing wrong with being a servant. Everybody serves somebody. A nation leader is called a public servant. The Pope considers himself servant of the world. A mother and a father serve their children. In the spirit of volunteerism, we reach out to serve the needy.

When a Chinese harmed a number of Chinese infants by putting melamine in infant's milk, it's not fair that all Chinese are like him. When the Abu Sayaf kidnaped three Red Cross volunteers, it's not fair to call Filipinos as terrorists.

What is not acceptable in Cheap Tsao's attitude was how he treated his Filipino maid. The Chinese should be ashamed of Cheap Tsao because he humiliated the Chinese community by broadcasting his unwanted behavior.

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