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How To Write a Good and Effective Vision Statement

If you're writing a Vision-Mission Statement, here's a simple guide on how to write one.

Writing a Vision-Mission Statement is a process. If you're writing one for a company or organization, you need to get your people involved in the process. If you're writing one for yourself, go over it every day or whenever you feel like reviewing it. Rewrite it if you still don't feel it's the one right for you.

Let's take a look at a Vision Statement that one of my clients wrote. It states:

"To be the preferred discount & privilege card company providing the best range of establishments offering a complete range of classification and categories, aiming to generate jobs for deserving Filipinos."

Just a short background. I wrote the company profile of this company. In that profile, I stated its vision. However, the company came up with another vision (stated above) which was not consistent with what I wrote in the company profile. In my opinion, the vision sta…