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baby talk and white squirrel

Two things I discovered yesterday and today.
One: Babies Have Their Own Universal LanguageOne, from Oprah, babies have their own language; and it is a universal language. They produce sounds which are their way of communicating with us adults. According to the an Australian mom, Priscilla Dunstan, babies zero to 3 months old communicate with us with 5 sounds (distinct sounds when they cry). They are:
Neh = "I'm hungry."
Owh = "I'm sleepy."
Heh = "I'm experiencing discomfort."
Eair = "I have lower gas."
Eh = "I need to burp."Sounds amazing! Better try listening to your babies. You may go to Oprah's site for more reads.
Two: The Rare White Squirrels Can Be Found in the PhilippinesFrom Jessica Soho Reports (GMA7, Philippines), I discovered that there are squirrels in the Philippines! And, that the rare white squirrel can also be found in the Philippines! And that the Pilipino word for squirrel is "bising". This "pu…

Is the Glorietta Blast Reminding Us of Something?

In my other blog (, I offered prayers for those who lost their lives in the Glorietta blast. I also wrote my story how I was prevented from going to Glorietta on that day at almost the exact time of the blast. I visited the Memorial tent at the Glorietta and offered some prayers for those who lost their lives.

In the memorial tent, I was reading the names of the departed. Some names caught my attention. There was an Arroyo. Beside it was Marcos. On the farthest left was Tan. The names "Arroyo", "Marcos", and "Tan" are names of political and business icons.

Other names were de Gracia (grace), de Jesus, Cruz (cross), and Petras (Peter, rock, church). Together, it means grace from Jesus on the cross, the rock (or Peter). There was also my namesake Anthony; names like Marius and Maria (namesake of Mother Mary); and Niño (child), a namesake of Sto. Niño, a popular religious icon representing the Child Jesus. Of course, these collection o…