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Banks & Large Corporations Using Blockchain

Ever heard of a company called IBM?

Of course you have! Well we are here to tell you that both IBM and UBS are investing in a project titled “ Batavia.”

The project involves more than just these two giants. It also involves the Bank of Montreal, Estre Bank, Commerzbank and Ciaxbank all whom which to start using this new technology with real transactions this year.

The combined Market value of those companies is over $300 Billion!! These are very intelligent corporations that have thousands of analyst evaluating the best investment opportunities.  And they have chosen to invest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. They believe that the technology has the potential to change the banking industry forever.

Blockchain technology allows for almost immediate transfer of money worldwide.

Don’t understand what blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies are?

The revolutionary Bitcoin Breakthrough has got you covered! With our step-by-step guide you will be an expert in blockchain an…
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Funniest Classic Pinoy Jokes That Won't Make You Laugh

1 OMGMother of a bishop:Alam mo, nang maging bishop ang anak ko, proud na proud ako tuwing tinatawag siyang "Your Excellency."Mother of a cardinal:Huwag ka! Nang maging cardinal ang anak ko, para akong nasa ulap kapag tinatawag siyang "Your Eminence."Mother of a model hunk:Kayo na ang mag-ako! Para akong nasa langit sa tuwing may nakakakita sa anak ko at napapasabing "Oh my god!" 2 Noah Picked a Wrong Couple After the flood, all the animals from Noah's ark went out in pair – one male, one female – to multiply and populate the earth. In one dark corner, Noah noticed two snakes lingering and cuddling. "Why are you still here?" Noah asked the snakes. "Go! Go out and multiply!" "We can't," said the snakes. "And why is that?" asked Noah. The snakes replied, "We're both male." 3 Wala Talaga Teacher: Iho, bakit ba laging sabug-sabog 'yang buhok mo? Wala ka bang suklay?
Pupil: Wala po.
Teacher: Baki…

The Ghost of Ayala Underpass in Makati

Don't worry. This ghost is not scary at all. In fact, when I saw it in the photo that I took, I thought of what Philippines like in the past.

10 April 2009. Good Friday. Around 3:00 PM.

I just came from a Thanksgiving Mass celebrated by a friend at St John Bosco Parish Church in Makati. My friend, who was just ordained a priest at the Church of Gesu in Ateneo de Manila University six days ago, had chosen to celebrate his first Mass at Don Bosco in Makati. After the event, I decided to walk home instead of taking a ride.
Like A Ghost Town The Ayala business district in Makati is a very busy city. However, during Lent, the business district is like a ghost town. And this is what I like so I could take snapshots of Makati when it is almost empty — quiet and peaceful, almost no people in the streets, no honking cars and public buses and jeepneys that block your way.

That day, Good Friday, was one of those beautiful days.
The Ayala Underpass This is the Ayala underground walkway near…

How To Block The Globe Broadband Malware From Your Browser

If Globe broadband may have hijacked your browser recently, and has been annoying you each time you open your browser, here's a way to stop this malicious malware from pestering your online quality time.
Reset Your Browser Resetting your browser means setting it to its original clean state. It's like having a just installed browser. For Chrome, you go to settings and click Advanced Settings. Down below you will find the Reset command. For Firefox, from the menu click the help icon (?), choose Troubleshooting Information, then click the Refresh Firefox button.
For other browsers, the reset function does the same thing. It simply varies with the terms used by the browser. What is this Globe BroadBandStatus2 Malware?  The malicious URL, which is broadbandstatus2 dot globe dot com dot ph slash fup (warning: do not visit the site), shows your broadband data usage for the month. If your usage is almost up to the maximum limit, it reminds you that your Internet speed connection will…

Maligayang Kaarawan Sa Isang Kaibigan Sa Amerika

Maligayang Kaarawan, Ichu! Panoorin mo ang pagbati ng iyong mga kaibigan sa iyong kaarawan.

It's around 5:00 AM. Got to get this done before sunrise.

Been working for two days now. Haven't got much sleep.

Time for me to rest!

Just one last wrenching. So, exhausted! I slept like a log for 10 hours.
Pasensya na sa mga nag-submit ng powerpoint files. Hindi ko naisama mga messages ninyo dahil hindi ko mabuksan yung mga files.

The Sentiments of An Italian-American For the Filipinos

I am chronicling the events and activities related to the super typhoon Yolanda on The Yolanda Chronicles. While gathering information for the first anniversary of the super typhoon, I stumbled upon a sentiment expressed by an Italian-American for the Filipinos.

This Italian-American speaker from New York was invited by a Filipino-American organization, also in New York, to speak before them, most likely, about a topic related to the theme of the event, which was Filipino-American civic association in Staten, NY. In the middle of his talk, the president of the organization stopped him. Embarrassed, the speaker left the event.

Below is the speaker's sentiment verbatim which he wrote in the comments section of a news story related to his speech, which was about Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for the Filipinos. If not deleted yet, you may find the comment here.
This is all a waste of time.

Last Saturday, I addressed a large group of Filipinos entitled "the Filipino-American …

How To Tie A Windsor Knot Before You Wear It

Not every man knows how to tie a necktie. Most men know the simplest one — the four-in-hand knot, which can look lousy if the material is not right. If your necktie is short and its fabric is thick, use the four-in-hand knot. Otherwise, use the half Windsor knot. If the length of your necktie is too long for your body or its fabric is too thin to form an elegant knot, use the Full Windsor knot.

For some men, it is easier to tie a Windsor knot while the necktie is around their neck. What if somebody asked you to prepare his necktie with a half Windsor knot but does not want to wear it yet?

This video shows the trick. It takes practice to perfect it. Remember that the half Windsor knot is like a double four-in-hand knot. So make sure that the necktie is coiled twice around the narrower width. Also, while pulling the necktie to its perfect form, make sure that the back of the knot shows 3 perfect cone shapes – left, right, and middle.

How would you know if you made a perfect Windsor knot…