Pinoy Friendliest Countries

If you want to work abroad, or emigrate to another country, or even just tour places of other countries, there are countries who are considered Filipino friendly. Especially, if you are an OFW, better choose countries which are very Pinoy friendly. It's for your own good.

Her are the top 10 Pinoy friendliest countries according to "Ang Pinaka" - a list TV program shown on GMA NewsTV, channel 11 in Metro Manila. Factors that were considered are Pinoy population and programs or laws that protect the Filipinos, which is very, very important.
  1. United States of America with more than 2,271,000 Filipinos
  2. Canada with more than 369,000 Filipinos
  3. Australia with more than 211,000 Filipinos
  4. Japan with more that 83,000 Filipinos
  5. United Kingdom with more than 52,000 Filipinos
  6. Guam with more than 42,900 Filipinos
  7. Germany with more than 42,800 Filipinos
  8. Austria with more than 22,000 Filipinos
  9. New Zealand with more than 17,182 Filipinos
  10. Spain with more than 16,000 Filipinos
I lived in Canada for 4 months and have a number of friends and relatives who are now permanent resident of Canada. I can say that they are all satisfied living in Canada. There were a few I met who just couldn't be proud of being Filipino. That's sad!

Japan is the only Asian country that is considered Pinoy friendly. Though there are many Filipinos in Hongkong, Singapore, and the Middle East, what failed them to be in this list is the lack of program that protect the Filipinos and the exercise of cultures and expression of religious beliefs.

Despite what the history says about the Spanish era in the Philippines, our country is close to the heart of Spain. It's like a mother and daughter relationship. Note that the 3 countries that occupied the Philippines - USA, Japan, and Spain - are in the top Pinoy friendliest countries.

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