Make Money Online. Is It Truly Possible?

Can One Really Make Money Online?

The answer is Yes, theoretically and technically! It is possible. However, a big HOWEVER, your success rate depends on a plenty of factors that successful online marketers would not tell you completely. I know. I've been there and until now I have not earned a single cent. (Update. I earned $9.95 three times in 9 years. Nice numbers. Go ahead, play them in a lottery. :-)
  • Traffic (not in the streets)
  • The right system (this is actually complicated)
  • The right mentors (they are expensive)
  • The right products (needs extensive research)
  • The right niche (that's hard to target)
  • Geographic location (good if you're in US, New Zealand, Australia, UK and other prime cities.)
  • Good site content (this is serious; don't play with content)
  • Time (it requires work like a full time job)
  • Strategies (sorry, these are the masters' secrets)
  • MONEY. (you need cash to earn cash)
I classify MMO (short for make money online) business into three levels.
  1. The hard and long way
  2. The expensive fast track
  3. The budget-friendly shortcut
To give you an idea what's the hard and long (no, not the Kris Kringle something theme) way, visit this blog. It teaches you where to start from. 

There is a fast track, though, but it requires a big investment. If you have the money, go ahead. You can start here. You have two options here: your way or the other way. In your way, you can study their methods by watching the video tutorials. You can enjoy these videos, I think, for a year. The tutorials are straight-forward and have good content. The tutorials are free and you don't have to buy anything (but you might have to if you wish to continue your membership). The other way is the fast track to MMO but it is expensive.

The budget-friendly shortcut requires little investment but it cuts short the long method that you have to go through if you were just starting in the MMO business. If you want to jump start, hop in here. This is actually more like a technique or strategy. 

My suggestion
  1. Read first the blog that I recommended here. This is to give you an idea that to make money on line is not easy.
  2. Study the video tutorials. This is to give you an idea how the successful money online entrepreneurs do it. There are many methods on how to make money online but these tutorials would already give you enough knowledge about this Internet marketing business.
  3. Then, go for the budget-friendly shortcut. This site also offers an option to a fast track method.
  4. Lastly, once you have earned more than enough, then go for the expensive fast track.
Try it.

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