NSO Help Line: Your Birth Certificate Online Request

Now, you can request an NSO certified copy of your birth certificate online. No need to queue in a long line before a counter. And, yes you can already avoid those nasty, often rude, city or municipal employees who, if they had their way, would rather receive their paychecks "trabojo en absencia." If you've heard of "working from home", this is new — earn a paycheck by "not working from home or office." Anyway, this is not about the [some] corrupt government employees. Sorry to say that but I yet have to encounter a government employee who is full of kindness, if such exists.

Going back.

The NSO virtual office is open 24/7. You pay using your VISA or Mastercard, Bancnet ATM, or Globe GCash. Once you have ordered your NSO certified birth certificate, you can check the status of your application, also online. Once ready, the certificates will be delivered to you.

These are the NSO certificates that you can request online.

  1. Birth certificate 
  2. Marriage certificate 
  3. Death certificate 
  4. Certificate of no marriage (CENOMAR) 
Here's the link to NSO online or NSO Help Line: https://nsohelpline.com/. See that "s" after http? It means "secure".

It's website is simple and direct to the point, which is good. How efficient is the online procedure? That I do not know yet.

Let me add just one short story.

I went to the city hall in Makati. I requested a copy of our land title. I went to the cashier and paid the fees. The cashier raised her voice and these were the words that the nasty fat lady threw at me: "Wala akong panukli!#?" (Translated: I don't have change!#?)

By simply handing a paper and a bill to her, without me uttering any word, I don't think I deserved such an attitude. I meekly obliged to her impolite command, and in a cultured manner addressed her, "You could have said it politely."

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