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Banks & Large Corporations Using Blockchain

Ever heard of a company called IBM?

Of course you have! Well we are here to tell you that both IBM and UBS are investing in a project titled “ Batavia.”

The project involves more than just these two giants. It also involves the Bank of Montreal, Estre Bank, Commerzbank and Ciaxbank all whom which to start using this new technology with real transactions this year.

The combined Market value of those companies is over $300 Billion!! These are very intelligent corporations that have thousands of analyst evaluating the best investment opportunities.  And they have chosen to invest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. They believe that the technology has the potential to change the banking industry forever.

Blockchain technology allows for almost immediate transfer of money worldwide.

Don’t understand what blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies are?

The revolutionary Bitcoin Breakthrough has got you covered! With our step-by-step guide you will be an expert in blockchain and cryptocurrency in no time!

Interested in trading cryptocurrencies?

We have got you covered!

Our Buying Guide to Cryptocurrency will educate you on where and how to open an account.

Still not convinced?

Even American Express is investing in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. AMEX has recently launched a blockchain payment system with Ripple. Google and Goldman Sachs are also two of the most active investors when it comes to blockchain technology. 

The opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency is now!

Do not miss out before its too late!

The preceding is a sponsored article.


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