Most Googled Word

I was not surprised that the most Googled word was SEX. That would be easy to guess. Does that mean that more people are thinking about sex than money? Well, there's nothing wrong about sex. It is just misunderstood especially in countries where people look at it as a "bad" or forbidden thing. Maybe, that explains why Egypt, India and Turkey are the world's top user of the keyword "sex". For people where sex is forbidden in their homes or society, the Internet has become the window to their freedom to explore the forbidden hot stuff in the privacy of their rooms. For them the Internet is a gift. Good news or bad news?

Good for them if they will look at the "it" word in a positive context. Bad, if it will result to a vicious act. The Internet may be a source of both good and bad materials regarding the subject. To determine which pages are good or bad is a complicated thing. I'll leave that to your own judgment.

As of this writing, there are about 762,000,000 pages that contain the word "sex". The first on the list, as I Googled the Net, is an article about biological sex at wikipedia.org. That's good! At least, any searcher would first have an educational information about sex before he or she indulges to anything people might find unnecessary. As for the other pages, sorry, but I won't go through a million pages, not even a hundred!

Let me just look at one angle. In countries where sex is suppressed, the freedom to know is sacrificed. Will it be good to know first-hand information about something you were never allowed to know? Would you be happy to know someone you've never heard for a long time? Would it be amazing to discover something you've never known before?

It is by knowing that we grow wiser. It is by knowing that we're able to teach. It is by knowing that we're able to know what is good and what is bad.

(Ref: immola.wordpress.com/2007/12/28/most-googled/)

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