RH Bill: Do We Need the Bill?

After the Grand Debate (NewsTV) last night on Reproductive Health Bill, it made me think "Do we really need the bill?"

Once passed, the government will spend a huge amount of money to buy condoms and contraceptives. A poor mother in the audience, who was proRH said that as much as she wanted to buy pills to avoid pregnancy, she couldn't afford it; she'd rather buy food for her children rather than on pills. So why was she proRH? Perhaps, she didn't actually understand what the bill was for!

The situation of the woman is a parable for the government. Instead of buying condoms and contraceptives for the poor, why not buy food instead and teach them how to be economically productive despite the size their family.

We are nine brothers and sisters. Being poor then, my mother was able to send us to schools. Six of us are degree holders. Three finished vocational schools. One of them is now enjoying his retirement he received from a big company. The other and his family lives now in the US. We were poor but not anymore!

My mother died of old age at 88. She did not die of cervical cancer. My mother had proven that she didn't need the RH Bill to get out of poverty. The proRH have yet to prove if the bill would be effective. And that's the risk that millions of Filipinos have to face. Risk vs reality.

Thank God there was no RH Bill then! Otherwise, seven of us would have not been born but legally killed instead while we were in our mother's womb.

Life Is Good!

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