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Adwords Automatic Notification Can Be Stupid at Times

I was trying to advertise a 1939 book written by Peter Kelder who said to have discovered the secret of Himalayan Monastery monks on how they could maintain a youthful body. To my disappointment, the ad was disapproved.

Below I quote the disapproval reason emailed automatically to me by Google Adwords based in Ireland.

"Disapproval Reason
Prescription Drug Targeting: Google believes strongly in freedom of expression and therefore offers broad access to content across the Internet without censoring search results. However, Google policy does not allow AdWords ads for prescription drugs to be displayed outside the U.S. or Canada. Pharmacies based in Australia, Brazil, Germany, New Zealand, the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and the UK can advertise their services in their respective countries only under certain conditions."

I wondered where they got the idea that I was trying to sell a drug -- prescription or otherwise. Furthermore, I was not even targeting the countries mentioned above. In the first place, I don't live in U.S. or Canada and I was only targeting the Philippine audience.

It beats me!

You can view the web page about the "fountain of youth" book that I was trying to advertise here.

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