Who Wants To Adopt A Baby?

Photo linked from Adoption Networking
Update. Though the baby is yet to be born in April, the mother has already chosen the parents who will take care of her baby. Thank you to all who expressed their interest to adopt the baby.

My family is currently sheltering a pregnant woman. She used to serve as "kasambahay" (household helper) in Novaliches. When her employer learned about her pregnancy, she was fired and sent away. Nowhere to stay, a former household helper in our family then asked for my sister's help to accommodate her.

The mother is to give birth this April. She wants to give her baby for adoption. The father of the baby is nowhere to be found and doesn't want to be found.

The mother grew up in Gen. Santos in Mindanao in a neighborhood where Manny Pacquiao grew up. Her husband died when she was pregnant with her first(?) daughter/son. Her first child who is now leaving in the province is now 18. While serving as helper for a family in Novaliches, he met a young man who supposedly became her boyfriend later. Her boyfriend didn't want to recognize the child because he believed that it wasn't his. Sounds like a TV soap, huh! But this story is true.

We advised the mother to bring her baby to her hometown so that her daughter could take care of the baby while she is working in Manila. But she's definite that she wanted to give her baby for adoption so that the baby could have a better life and education.

If there's anyone interested, please let me know.

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  1. please email me wilbty1@yahoo.com

  2. i am very intereseted to know more about this, very interested in this baby please contact me.

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  4. Please contact me in regaurds to the baby, my husband and I have a three bedroom house, money and lots of love to provide to this little baby. Please email me at : evdominiquemoore@gmail.com